What is Narrative?

Put simply narrative is the art of telling a story. But while it is easy to identify what narrative looks like it is more difficult to understand narrative. It is easy to recognize a painting. It is much harder to learn to paint one for yourself. So to revise my previous definition, I would say that narrative is the art of skillfully using the tools of narrative to tell a story.

One must now ask the obvious question. What are the tools of narrative? The tools of narrative are the skills or techniques that are at the fingertips of the storyteller. I refrain from using the word author, because it carries with it some connotations of writing. Writing is simply one of many ways a story can be told. Mediums for story telling vary as much as in any other art. Stories can be told through writing (like books), theatre, dance, film, photography, music, radio (or more generally verbal communication), video games and much, much more. The medium through which a story is told is hindered only by imagination.

This blog was created so that its author and anyone else interested could explore the vast world of narrative with an interest in encouraging better narrative skill as well as brain storming new ways to narrate. In that interest this blog will include but perhaps not be limited to articles on parts of narrative (that I am currently learning or thinking about), critiques, praise and discussion of different narrative attempts from many mediums and any other wonky ideas that spring into my mind in the future.

In closing, I believe that narrative is a beautiful and important thing. I welcome all those who share this belief with open arms.

P.S. To those who are not yet initiated into the wonderful world of story or who are skeptical about it I welcome you.

Enjoy my scribblings!


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